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At MAKE, we're cultivating a creative community.


More than a studio, we're a space for our community to explore, create, and experience the arts. 

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We've had a great experience with all staff and teachers at MICS. They have several types of performance opportunity, that help to build confidence and bring the students and community together (practice performance classes, partner classes). Teachers and staff are accommodating and most importantly, they care about their students and they love music.

I like this school. The staff is highly qualified. The teachers are very nice. My son is happy. They make us feel like family. There is always an opportunity to perform or to participate in a contest.
I highly recommend this school.

I decided to take up piano lessons last year and shopped around a bit before landing at the Music Institute at Carrollton Square. I was anxious diving in as an adult, but my teacher Anna made it such a great experience and the staff had lots of options for accommodating my schedule.


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